Compassionate Adoption Legal Representation

Assistance With All Adoption Legal Issues

Attorney Rhonda R. Werner Schultz has helped new adoption families for more than a decade. She represents prospective parents through the complex adoption process – from hiring an agency through the termination of parental rights and final adoption hearing.

Attorney Werner Schultz has experience with independent adoption, relative adoption, and stepparent adoption. If you are looking to adopt a child, contact Attorney Werner Schultz to find out more about the process and expected costs involved.

If you are considering giving up a child for adoption to a loving family, you can contact Ms. Werner Schultz to discuss the process and how you may be able to get expenses paid during your pregnancy.

Attentive Surrogacy and ART/Egg Donor Legal Assistance

Ms. Werner Schultz assists families who want to expand with artificial reproductive technology (ART) or surrogacy. Anyone using an egg donor or surrogate to assist with expanding their family should consult a knowledgeable attorney. These are ever-expanding areas of law in Wisconsin, and you need an attorney is needed to prepare contracts that will hold up if problems arise in the future. Contact Werner Schultz if you are considering ART or surrogacy.

“I make sure all the details are covered so you can focus on your new family.”

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