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What You Should Know About Attorney Rhonda R. Werner Schultz

Attorney Rhonda R. Werner Schultz has practiced law since 1996 – concentrating her practice specifically on divorce and child custody issues, adoption, family law, immigration, and bankruptcy. She is also a family law mediator. Whether your case is complex or straightforward, collaborative or litigated, Ms. Werner Schultz has the skills and knowledge to provide quality, dedicated service to you. Ms. Werner Schultz is also an active member of Rotary International and the Wisconsin Bar Association, Marathon County Bar Association, Florida Bar Association, and American Bar Association. Attorney Werner Schultz believes strongly in giving to her community. She is involved in many community activities, including serving as past president of the Rotary Club of Stuart-Sunrise (2008-09) and is currently a member of the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club Board of Directors.

Attorney Werner Schultz understands all aspects of the divorce, family, and bankruptcy legal process and is a creative problem solver. She has a dedicated network of accountants, mediators, counselors, and other experts to assist with any divorce, family law, or bankruptcy issue you may have. There are times when you will need to engage experts to make your case, and we have them at our disposal.

Ms. Werner Schultz is ready to advise you about your circumstances and what is needed in your divorce, adoption, child custody, immigration, or bankruptcy case. If you want to be an active participant in your divorce, family law, immigration or bankruptcy case, Rhonda R. Werner Schultz is the attorney for you. She will meet with you and finalize an approach to address your divorce, family, immigration, and bankruptcy issues and concerns. Ms. Werner Schultz and her staff are available and responsive to your questions. She provides practical legal advice when you need answers. You are kept apprised of each step in the process and about everything that is going on with your case from start to finish. You will understand each step of the process and navigate the confusing divorce, adoption, child custody, immigration, and bankruptcy legal system with confidence.

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